Transit Repairs

Over the last few months we have found that we have done a lot of rear chassis rails at the bump stop on all different types of ford transits, like most vehicles they all have those areas that always need repairing.

The image shows the fabricated repair to a rear chassis rail in 2mm steel.

Reliant Robin

We have work on many vehicles but I can honestly say Ive never worked on a Reliant Robin. The front suspension mount required strengthening, i common fault on these vehicles.


Renault Master Camper

The photo shows the lengths some people will go to repair there vehicle to get it through a CVRT (DOE). The CVRT tester highlighted that the vehicle required near sills on the inner and outer. When we started to replace the the outer sill when we found the expanding foam molded the the sill and lower panel!!

Reliant Scimitar

We were fortunate to have this Reliant Scimitar chassis come in to us for minor repairs. The main issue was the previous repairs done by the previous owner. The photo shows one side rust treated and the other before we applied it.