Undersealing is for long-term protection against rust and corrosion and essential for any car, van, 4 x 4 and classic car owner.

The product we use is specially designed to protect cars under bodies, assuring a very good anti-rust and anti-abrasive coating. It is specially formulated for application in wheel arches, floor pans, chassis and exposed areas. We clean the underside of your vehicle, using high pressure water, to remove dirt and loose rust.

The vehicle is then allowed to dry, were necessary we further remove flaking rust and use rust prevention treatments such as rust converter. Rust Converter is different from rust remover as rust converter chemically mixes with the rust to create a black inert substance that can be painted over, concealing the existence of any rust and preventing further corrosion.

Depending on your style of driving or the road conditions near where you live, we would recommend having the underseal treatment at least once every 3 years.

Terms & Conditions available on request